Natural beauty and a wide variety of styles make a wood fence a solid choice for many of our clients. We use high quality heavy-duty ACC pressure-treated pine or native Florida cypress, with other fine woods available by special order. ACC pressure treatment is protection against insects, rot and decay. It does not affect the weathering or fading of the wood over time. Wood fencing can be stained any color to coordinate with its surroundings, while many customers choose to let wood’s natural beauty stand on its own.


I highly recommend them. My brother used Florida Fence last year and was very pleased. So I called them to replace the old fence and gate that were falling apart on my property. I thought their price was reasonable and everything went smoothly during the entire process.

Chin L.

Sarasota Homeowner

You just can’t beat them in this area. [They] came out and showed us a drawing of the shadowbox fence (with treated wood) we wanted for privacy. We were thrilled with the way everything turned out. It has truly enhanced the appearance of our house. We used Florida Fence 20 years ago and they are still the best fence company around!

Elaine O.

Sarasota Homeowner


Use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property. Experiment with the configurations to figure out the best fence for your needs and budget!
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About Our Most Popular Styles

Our staff can help you select the wood fence style that provides your desired amount of privacy and air flow, taking into account your overall location and taste. We can design and custom build any fence, but the descriptions below represent our most popular wood fence styles.
  • Board on Board – For the property owner seeking total privacy, a board-on-board style creates the appearance of a solid wood wall. The typical design has one “finished” side, with posts and railings visible on the other side. Most local building codes require that the finished side of the fence faces out toward your neighbors.
  • Vertical Shadow Box – A neighbor-friendly fence, the alternating pickets on both sides of a dual-back rail offers a “shadowed” view of pickets on the opposite side and offers a more consistent and aesthetically pleasing view for both neighbor and property owner. Space between pickets allows airflow through the fence and can be narrowed to create a more solid look.
  • Horizontal Shadow Box – Offers medium privacy, good air flow, and excellent resistance to strong winds. Like its vertical counterpart, the horizontal shadow box fence presents a finished look on both sides.
  • Picket – The quintessential picket fence represents a traditional American style, and the spacing between pickets allows breezes to flow freely. The individual pickets can be flat, dog-eared, gothic (regular point) or French gothic.
  • Stockade – Security and privacy are the primary advantages of Stockade fences. Individual boards are flush against one another, keeping pets in and providing a better sound barrier than other styles. Most local building codes require the good or “finished” side of the fence face out towards your neighbors.