The fence is up and looks awesome! You finally have your pets safe so they can play, the neighbors’ kids can’t fall into your pool, and you have made up with your neighbors for having caused them a minor inconvenience for the duration of the fence installation. (Baking that apple pie for them worked wonders, didn’t it? ?)

But, somehow, as wonderful as it all looks, it needs something. Maybe it needs some softness, or you want to break up the lines. There may be an area you would like to camouflage. Whatever the reasons, your instincts are right – you can make it look even better! You have created a natural line for decoration and/or landscaping! Here are a few ideas from those of us who have done some work on our own fences at home!

Picket, our Florida Fence mascot pup, loves birds. (Actually, we love all kinds of wildlife! Kevin, in particular, can’t say no to furry, scaly or feathered friends – we have had cats, dogs, fish, donkeys, chicken, geese, horses pigs, cattle, lambs and even two buffalo!) But, we digress…..What we did at our place was to install a birdhouse on top of each of our fence posts. Be creative – what a wonderful way to not only decorate your fence but to invite nature to be part of your landscaping.

Just on the off chance that you don’t like birds as much as we do, there are some other things you could do. Of course, you could have had us install ornamental posts or finials when we met to plan out your fence – this would be a neat, all-in-one kind of decoration. But we found a great source of other information for you too! The folks at The Spruce have some creative ideas for landscaping fence lines, too. Here are a few tips:

Ways to Landscape Along Your Fence

  1. Make sure if you are planting shrubs, you consider the four seasons. Even in the sunny state of Florida, we have variations in temperature and moisture, so consider those variations when you think about your plant choices.
  2. Be sure you know where the sun will hit along the fence line, so your plantings get the sun they require.
  3. If you like vines, and who doesn’t love that cottage vine look, consider trellises or planters so that you can access your fencing for any maintenance it may need, such as cleaning or staining.
  4. If your fence is really linear and straight along a property line, you might consider plantings in a curved bed along the fence line to break up the lines and give the border more character.

Of course, please consult any homeowners’ association rules before you do any landscaping to see if they have any requirements – we would hate to see you have to dig up those bougainvillea bushes!  And, of course, since we have worked with you to install your fencing, you already know where any utility lines may be buried ?

But before you can think about those plants or birdhouses, of course you need that fence! Why not contact us today to get started on your brand new fence or use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling!