Florida Fence is proud that we are the only fence installation company in the area to offer our customers sprinkler insurance. (We’re also proud of the fact we have the best office dogs around, but that’s a post for another day. ?)

“But wait, what is sprinkler insurance and why in the world would I need it,” you are wondering, right? ?

By definition, it is insurance that covers a broken water line or sprinkler in your irrigation system. And why do you need it? Well, this is our way of helping you and protecting your sprinkler system during the fence installation process.

You see, prior to the installation, we have a “locate” process. We’ve already talked extensively about the “locate” (this helps us locate and identify all the items we need to avoid during the fence installation process, e.g. utility lines, underground wires, a sprinkler system), but here’s a quick refresher.

When we contact Sunshine 811, you know, the “Call before you Dig” folks, they locate and mark major utilities from the feed only – they DO NOT mark any privately installed pipes, such as your sprinkler system, water to your pool, gas to your outdoor kitchen, electricity to your doghouse (really, the pups DO need light and air-conditioning, right?), propane to the house, etc. We need you, as the homeowner, to identify and mark all these other areas that Sunshine 811 does not. 

However, even though we walk through all of this with you and we’re glad to do it as part of our superior customer service, ultimately we can’t be and are not responsible for hitting something we don’t know is there or wasn’t fully or clearly marked.

This is why we decided to offer sprinkler insurance:  we thought we could lend a helping hand to by providing protection for your sprinkler system at the low price of only $50! ( That’s only 10 Starbucks cappuccinos!) ☕

By offering this, we hope it adds to your peace of mind that you’re covered in case a sprinkler head or underground sprinkler pipe gets hit. If you have this insurance and we “break” your irrigation system, we’ll fix it!

Here are a few tips to help you help us avoid your sprinkler system:

  • Paint or flag the location of as many of your sprinkler heads as you can.
  • If you had the irrigation system installed, you could ask the installation company for their help or their plans/drawings to help.
  • You might want to expose a bit of the pipe for us that is located near the fence line so we can get a better idea of the system depth and location.
  • Know where your water cutoff valve is located

And remember, you might not know about systems that were installed prior to your buying your home, so this insurance, which only adds pennies to your installation package, could save you costly repairs later on!

Contact us today to get started on your brand new fence or use our online tool design your fence to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling! And be sure to ask your Florida Fence consultant about sprinkler insurance as part of your plan!