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Fence and gate installations The fence and gate installers at Florida Fence are the best around! When you install as many fences and gates as we do on a daily basis – you get really good.

It is important to know everything about an installation of a fence or gate right up front – especially when it is a large project. There are many possible pitfalls when attempting to self-install a fence, and you may not realize these issues until the job is almost finished, when it may be too late. Factors such as property line misunderstandings or code enforcement may delay your progress, or you may even be required to take the fence back down. This is troublesome, time consuming and could end up costing you money in the long run.

Florida Fence will walk you through any necessary permitting, locate services, environmental or survey issues; and then our fence installation crew will expertly and efficiently install your fence. The peace of mind alone is worth it; and knowing that the job is done right the first time means that you will be enjoying your new fence much more quickly, and with no surprises.

We install all types of fencing and gates; including wood, PVC, vinyl, aluminum, metal and chain link. Specialty jobs and custom orders are happily accommodated. Our expertise gives you the confidence that the job will be completed on time, and to your standards.

Call us today at 941-921-4659; or fill out the form on the right to contact us. Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte county, we can help you install your new fence quickly and correctly – every time.


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They are the best, no question about it. They personalize everything for you. I wanted my entire yard enclosed with a 6 ft. PVC fence and they did an excellent job for me. I actually got bids from a few other companies but they were all higher. Plus, the owner sent me a follow up letter thanking me for considering Florida Fence before I even made a commitment to them! Their customer service was above and beyond. I can’t recommend the company highly enough.

Becky K.

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