What do you mean you can’t schedule my fence installation date a month in advance?” ?

This is something we hear all the time at Florida Fence, but we need our customers to work with us and understand that scheduling installation of their new fence isn’t as simple as having a new refrigerator delivered! We want everything to go smoothly and our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority!

There are a number of reasons that we really can’t provide a firm installation date until about 24 hours prior:

  1. Weather: this may seem obvious, but not even the meteorologists can always predict dry days with 100% accuracy. And consider the temperament of Florida skies! It can be dry and sunny on one side of the street and rainy on the other! ? ☔
  1. Custom orders: while we have complete faith in our suppliers, there could be delays in shipment of custom materials that are beyond anyone’s control.
  1. Change orders: a change order presents a new challenge in scheduling – we might need to order materials,  and if they are custom ordered items there could be a delay. And a significant change order might require a revised permit, and who knows how long that might take. Even heading back and forth to the shop for additional materials can cause a delay.
  1. Geological challenges: There might be something below the surface that no one predicted! There may be more rock, or a higher water table or excavation debris. So while we might get out there to prepare the installation, the actual install date might have to be delayed to work around the unknown. Sound spooky? It shouldn’t – it is all part of a good preparation process.
  1. Location challenges: We want to be sure that all “Call before you Dig” items have been completed before we begin installation – no ruptured pipes or cut cables, please!!!  Don’t forget, “Call before you Dig” may not identify everything underground, so you should always advise your pool consultant about any work you have done to the house, such as additional electrical work, electric fences, etc., that might not be included in the location process!
  1. Debris challenges: We can’t work if the area isn’t cleared, so having any debris and vegetation removed from the installation site is really important!
  1. Permit challenges: And let’s not forget the permitting process! All of the above mentioned items may be in order, but if a permit is not in place and ready to go, fence construction can not begin. We are not always able to predict when a permit will be in place.

We want to finish each job on time and on schedule, and delays and change orders can be costly. Working closely with your Florida Fence consultant and understanding the fluidity of installation dates will help us help you!

Contact us today to get started on your brand new fence or use our super nifty online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling!