Sarasota & Manatee Realtor Program

Build a New Fence Today –
Pay When the Home Sells*

SELLERS: A broken or damaged fence can make a home appear more run down than it really is,
and make the sale of the property more difficult. However, not all sellers can afford a new fence
prior to the sale of the home. Florida Fence offers financing programs that will allow you to put
up a new fence and make no payments on the fence for up to 12 months. In other words –
put up a new fence today, and pay for it later.

BUYERS: Schedule the installation of your fence to coincide with closing. If for any reason the
real estate contract is cancelled, your deposit (minus certain fees) will be refunded.
PVC or Wood only, special orders do not apply.  Call 941-921-4659 TODAY..

If your buyer or sellers sign a contract for a new fence over $750 by November 30, they will
receive $75 off the price of the fence. Remember – for any referral that results in a paid-for
and installed fence, we will pay $50!

  • Greensky Financing Options Apply


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They did my back yard in wood and my front yard in PVC. I liked the fact that they gave me the price up front when they came out to measure. They were very knowledgeable about what would work best for my particular needs and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

Courtney T.