One of the most common questions we receive here at Florida Fence is “Can you tell me over the phone how much will my fence cost?”

We completely understand the question. After all, you are busy and simply looking to assess if a Florida Fence is a good option for you, before anyone spends too much time on the project. However, except in rare circumstance, we do require a free, on-site consultation in order to provide a quote. The process actually benefits you, the client. Here’s why:

  1. Seeing the property visually allows us to identify anything that may be an issue down the road; such as tree roots that are in the way or dips in the property. A fence is rarely a “straight run”, free of hiccups. Finding these obstacles before starting your project saves you money.
  2. Allowing for a clear explanation of options and providing you a firm quote ensures that you are working with accurate information. An inaccurate ballpark figure will only lead you astray.
  3. During the course of an on-site discussion, our professional consultant can offer alternatives and ideas that may be more appropriate or cost effective.

“But I just want a ballpark fence cost…”

We do understand that sometimes you are simply trying to determine if a fence is within your budget, or which type of fence is best for your yard and your pocketbook. We’d like to help by providing this quick reference which will reveal the average price range of a backyard fence in Sarasota and Manatee Counties based on installs; this should also give you an idea of the cost differential between fence materials.

Remember – at Florida Fence, our install costs also represent our professional, experienced crews, as well as proper licensure and insurance coverage. We urge you to ask any prospective contractor, especially if they seem far more affordable on the surface, to provide you with certificates and license numbers.

From our free consultations to our back-office licensing, Florida Fence is dedicated to a process which guarantees that you, the client, gets the most clear, concise and accurate quote; that your fence is installed as expected; and that you will enjoy it for many years to come.