Referral Program

The Easiest $50 You’ll Ever Get

When you refer folks to Florida Fence and they purchase a fence from us – even if you personally never had a fence installed by us – we will send you $50. Simply complete the form below and we’ll initiate the call to get them started – and after their beautiful new Florida Fence is installed – you get $50!

Here are the official rules once again!

  1. Everyone over 18 years old is eligible.
  2. Residential and commercial project included, $1,000 minimum contract value required.
  3. You do not have to be a past Florida Fence customer, but you cannot refer yourself.
  4. Simply complete the referral form below and voila we will take it from there.
  5. A referral fee must be reflected in the original contract. It cannot be added on after contract has been signed.
  6. Once the job is complete and paid in full, Picket will send you $50!
  7. You may refer as many people as you like. We won’t mind.

Florida Fence installs quality residential and commercial fencing, including Wood, PVC, Chain Link, Aluminum and Steel; as well as Gates and Access Controls.

13 + 14 =

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”

Robert Frost, Mending Wall