Decision to have a fence installed – ✔

Decision to go with Florida Fence –✔

Fence design and type chosen –✔

Paying for the new fence – OOPS!

While a lot of our customers come to us with cash or credit card in hand, we wanted to let you know that we are excited to be able to offer interest deferred financing to our customers through our relationship with GreenSky Credit! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to leave your cash in the bank, avoid high credit card interest charges, and also get a quick response from a company that specializes in home renovation projects. Founded in 2006, GreenSky works with only three industries: home improvement, healthcare, and retail furniture, so it has the expertise and service that is focused on our customers!

Easy Fence Financing

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you have met with us and we have established a contract for your fence design and installation, we will give you our own merchant number and the phone number to our partners at GreenSky to get the ball rolling.
  2. The folks at GreenSky will gather typical credit-type information from you and generally you will hear back from them quickly (usually within an hour) with their decision.
  3. If you qualify, they will give you a credit card number over the phone that you can provide to us to continue the process.
  4. Our customers pay half of the contracted job charges plus fees upfront:
    1. 50% of total job
    2. Notice of Commencement Fee: $30
    3. 3% convenience fee
    4. 4.5% GreenSky fee
  5. This is how this would break down, using simple numbers:
    1. Say job is $1000, 50% upfront=$500
    2. Notice of Commencement: $30
    3. 3.5% convenience fee= $35 (charge for job and Notice of Commencement=$1035)
    4. 4.75% GreenSky fee= $47.50
    5. SO…..the first charge to the GreenSky account = $612.50
    6. $500 balance due upon completion of job, but all fees have already been paid!
  6. Interest accrues, but is not paid for 12 months, so if the GreenSky balance is paid in full within that 12 month period, there is no interest due, just regular monthly principle payments. Remember, though, if you choose to defer payment of the balance until after that first year, you will owe the interest from day one.

This means…if you pay the balance within the first twelve months, your total bill is $1107.25! Imagine the savings over credit card interest rates of 15-29%! And, you can keep your cash in the bank for an extra year if you thought of paying cash upfront as well!

This is a fast, convenient, and easy way to get the fence of your dreams, without depleting your bank account or incurring high interest rates! The Florida Fence team is proud to be able to offer this great financing benefit to our customers! And, with a well-established company as its partner, too!

So, don’t let the “oops” keep you from your dream fencing!!! Why not contact us today to get started on your brand new fence or use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling!