Notable Neighbor – Buck Best

Buck Best Diving PicOur Project Consultants feel that a personal benefit of their job is the experience of getting to meet residents of the community.  It is rare to acquire so many folks that feel like your own neighbors.  During appointments, we run across the occasional ‘striking soul’.  This has surfaced through personality, stories, and even unique project needs or circumstances.  We love to share, and have gotten permission from some of these encounters with the exceptional.  Read on to learn about some of these needles fresh out of the haystack!

Buck Best, Retired Navy Salvage Diver – World War II

Amy and Picket had no idea what they were stumbling into when they went to their appointment on a January afternoon.  After the typical appointment exchange of greetings and project information, there was a break in the discussion.  Amy noticed Buck’s ‘Navy’ hat and thanked him for his service.  His response took over the rest of the appointment.

Buck Best“Thank you. I was a salvage diver in the Navy during World War II.”  As Amy’s jaw hit the ground, he pulled a copy of a 70 year old photo out of his wallet.  He was not quite as old as he should have been in a photo like that, and filled every ounce of his dive suit with guts and ambition.  Buck went on, recalling a story of a particularly memorable dive during which a problem involving a greenhorn and the depth charge switch required that Buck and his team work to recover the mine.  He described the uncertainty involved in touching, let alone moving a depth charge with an unknown depth setting.  One move or thought in the wrong direction could very well have been his last  The mine was recovered and hauled up, only to have the same greenhorn harness it incorrectly, dropping the charge back into the water.  Do you know who laughed about his second trip down to an unstable depth charge for retrieval?  Yep, Buck Best.

It was an honor for Florida Fence to get to meet someone of Buck’s stature.  Amy would have stayed and listened to so many more stories if her schedule had allowed, however good fences are in high demand and she and Picket bid goodbye to the Best household.  As a small token of our appreciation for his service to his country, Florida Fence gladly donated Mr. Best’s fence.  We hope it serves him well in return!