Don’t Assume that You Know What’s Behind that Gate!

One of our Project Consultants was sweating it out under the Florida heat while measuring a project in an industrial area.  The setting was crowded with chain link, barbed wire and the occasional sketchy outdoor sleeping quarters.  When a comment of “What are you doing out there?” came through an open bay door of the neighboring warehouse, they may or may not have taken a bit of caution as to the intent of the person asking.  A couple of friendly exchanges of niceties later, the Consultant was asked to stop in after finishing measurements  What was found inside of the warehouse was not at all what they had expected.  This book most certainly did not match its cover.

AB-3Picture yourself entering into the shadows of a warehouse out of the bright sunlight, but as your eyes adjust you see figures frozen in time and space.  A motionless angel greets you at the door, but her wings are still being born.  Classical music plays from a stereo in the corner. Several statues down stands the source of the voice, happily and delicately texturing the clay battle uniform of a World War II soldier staring off into the distance.  Meet Gregory Marra, someone who has had the blessing of discovering the talent that lies in his pinkey finger; something so many of us long to realize within ourselves.

Gregory is the Master Sculptor at the helm of Sculpting Our Heroes, a jewel tucked away in an industrial nook of town.  He has made a name for himself through his works of art, memorializing military heroes and events.  His passion for accuracy brings the statues to life, and is resulting in memorial contract work regarding 9/11, late American Sniper Chris Kyle, and World War II.  His passion carries through to the therapeutic value of creating these sculptures, passing it on to Veterans that are still carrying their battles on their shoulders.

 He can tell you his story better than we can, so please find it at and enjoy!  Thank you, Greg, for the opportunity to meet you.  We are so fortunate to discover the amazing people that are just around the corner!