YAY! You have made your decision and have chosen to install an aluminum fence. This is a strong and attractive choice, especially around a pool or as a more decorative feature in front of your home. Not to say that your house isn’t lovely without it, but it certainly will draw more attention to the façade!

While all fence types have numerous styles and features all their own, it is important to find out some things about your new aluminum fencing – don’t forget, it tends to be one of the more expensive fences, so you want to be sure you get all your questions and concerns addressed before you make the investment.

Here at Florida Fence, we offer many different styles, heights, and colors of aluminum fencing to cater to many tastes and purposes. And we can certainly guide you through the process. But there are a few basic questions you should always ask that will help you in deciding not only what will be right for you but also which installer will be the best:

What To Ask Before Buying an Aluminum Fence

  • First and foremost – No matter what kind of fencing you decide to use, there are no state fence licenses required, so PLEASE RESEARCH YOUR FENCE COMPANY Check it out on Google, with the Better Business Bureau, and get references!  Let us repeat: The state of Florida does not require a license for fence contractors. You may find someone that is cheaper, but in all likelihood, they won’t be around for very long.  We are encouraged by the American Fence Association’s legislative push for state licensing to help our profession maintain excellent standards and protect you the consumer.

➡PRO TIP: Unfortunately, some fencing contractors will pay for the first month’s insurance, get their certificate, and then not pay another dime. This happens for general liability too. In order to fully protect yourself, ask to speak to their agent directly for a current COI (certificate of insurance).  If a contractor is injured on your property installing your beautiful aluminum fence and does not have coverage, your home owner’s insurance is on the hook. And does this fencing contractor carry workmen’s comp for their employees? Be proactive in protecting yourself as a homeowner!

Alright, back to the questions! ☺

  • Where is it made? Foreign material is often substandard, defective and cannot be returned.  Florida Fence only uses American-made aluminum from the State of Florida.
  •  What gauge aluminum should I buy? Simply put, the gauge is the thickness of the metal, and the purpose and overall look will help to determine this. You won’t want a hefty fence if you are just using it for ornamentation, but you certainly want strength to surround your pool!  Stress the flip side
  • How far apart will the fence pickets be? Well, this will be determined not only by the overall purpose, but also by how big a dog you have! Are you keeping something in or out? Is the fencing decorative or functional?
  • What kind of gates should I get and where will I need them? Gate size is important – did you ever try to bring a riding mower into a gate that was installed for a push mower? Plan ahead!
  •  And speaking of gates…will heavier gate extrusion posts be used to support the gate itself? Huh? What? What does this even mean? Simply put, gates are heavy and they are constantly moving. They need to be supported better with special posts.
  •  Will all the posts be sunk in concrete? On all sides of the post? Some installers might try to cut corners (no pun intended, well…maybe it was intended! ) and either concrete alternating posts or just use concrete on a couple of sides of each post. Strength is critical for endurance! And having posts set in concrete (and letting the concrete set!) is very important…so ask about what is being done for the strength and durability of the fencing. And make sure actual concrete is being used!
  •  What coatings are used for the fencing and where are they made? You definitely want to be sure you have safe, non-lead coating on the fence you have around your children and pets.  Another measurement of quality is the application of powder coating.

These are a few questions that everyone should ask and, of course,  please contact us and we can address every one of your concerns and walk you through the process. And don’t forget to use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling!

Happy fence shopping!