If you’re thinking of installing a fence at your home, there are several things you need to consider first. Being clear on these five key issues can save you time, money and a lot of stress!

1. What Are Your Reasons for Installing a Fence?

People want fences for a variety of purposes.  What are your reasons for wanting a fence?

When you know why you want your fence, it makes the rest of your decision-making so much easier. As with most things in life – why before how.

Are you thinking of building a privacy fence? Or do you just want a barrier to keep your dog or children safe?  

Yard fencing can also be a decorative feature in your garden, with plants and landscaping. Houses with fences look very appealing.

Perhaps you just want to create a border to keep unwanted visitors out – deer (and alligators) can be quite a pest in some areas!

2. Check Legal Regulations and Any HOA Rules

Before you get carried away designing your dream fence – check in on local regulations. There are probably restrictions on how to fence a yard that you need to take into account. HOA’s usually have guidelines or rules on the height, type and other aspects of fencing.

3. Check Your Property Line

When you know why you want a fence, and what types of fencing options you can have, you can start to plan how to put up a fence. At this point, you need to get a professional surveyor to check where your property line is (also called the plat of your property).

Get this right before you start and avoid major legal problems further down the track!

4. Talk to Your Neighbors

Before work commences at your property, it is wise to speak to your neighbors. If they have concerns you can discuss and try to accommodate them.  They may be concerned about a fence blocking their view or affecting their property value.

Hopefully, you can reach an understanding that is acceptable to both of you.

5. Choose the Right Fence for You

There are many different types of fencing, and your selection will mostly depend on your reasons for installing a fence.

One key factor to keep in mind is maintenance. Some types of fencing need more upkeep than others.

Aluminum and steel fencing, for example, can offer maintenance-free borders for decades. They are great options if privacy isn’t your main motivation for the fence.

If your main concern is to build a privacy fence, you probably want a wooden, PVC/vinyl or composite fence. Trex is a long-lasting composite that requires little upkeep. It also looks great on both sides – so both you and your neighbors will be happy with the outcome!

If you decide on a wooden fence, keep in mind that it will require regular upkeep. Be prepared to replace wood pickets throughout the life of the fence.  A wooden fence can last a long time, and staining it will help it last longer.

Next Steps

Installing a fence is a great addition to your home. Yard fencing can give you more privacy, a safe space for pets and children to play and add a feature to your garden

Whatever your reason for installing a fence, if you’re in Florida we’d love to help you find the right fence for you. Contact us on 942 921 4659.