“Rain, rain go away, come again another day…” Living in Florida, we all know that song, don’t we? During rainy season, we can be basking in the sun one minute and needing umbrellas the next – or how about when it rains on one side of the street and not the other? That is always a fun phenomenon, isn’t it? ☔

Well, as much as we need rain for our gardens, watersheds and ponds, rain can also wreak havoc on fences from installation to much later on!

First things first – too much rain can cause a delay in the installation of your fence.  And only YOU can let us know if your installation site is waterlogged! We can’t assume that your property did or didn’t get deluged, regardless of radar, regardless of weather reports. As we said, it can be raining on one side of a street and not the other!

So YOU have to let US know what is happening on your property once the installation date is set. Sometimes the rain pours down quickly and evaporates just as quickly and there may be no problem with the install. Sometimes the ground gets so saturated there is no way for the install to take place for several days.

So, please – watch the skies then watch the site! Let us know what is happening so we can work with you for a smooth installation! Just email us at picket@floridafenceandgates.com to keep us apprised.

The rainy season in Florida can also affect an installed fence. Ornamental fences, such as those made of steel, aluminum and vinyl stand up to rain well; if you have a wood fence – you need to be prepared! Wood fences are a natural product and react to the environment.  All wood products are particularly sensitive to too much rain – they can swell, expand, contract, shrink with changes in humidity and moisture.  They hold up well, they just have “daintier complexions” and staining will not only extend their life but also protect them from harmful UV rays.

Oh no, you say – I have a wood fence and I love it, but the rain has been awful this year! What can I do?

Well, the best way to protect your wood fence is to stain it. By staining it, you create a barrier between the wood and the rain and you will increase the longevity, strength, and look of your fence.  The Florida Fence team uses “Wood Defender” stain exclusively for our customers only (note – we do not sell it retail, but will stain our clients’ fences or sell it to our wood fence clients).  Wood Defender specializes in wood protection and has products dedicated specifically for fences. Although the stain can be used on decks as well,  it is not some generic stain that can “also” be used on a fence. Available in a multitude of wood tones and in either a semi-transparent or transparent finish, it is easily applied, can be re-coated without stripping previous coats and is the only stain we use due to its high quality.

So remember, no matter how many times you may sing the “Rain, Rain” song, the rains WILL come! Stay in touch with us if you are having your fence installed, and remember to talk to your consultant about protecting your wood fence to help it last! ?

Be sure to contact us today to get started on your brand new fence or use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling!