You have decided to have one of our beautiful custom-made wood fences built and installed on your property. Great choice! But now it is time to think about the gate(s). There has to be a way in and out, right? How else will your beloved pets come in for dinner or come in from the rain, right? ?

But there is more to a gate than just coming in and out. In fact, there’s a lot more! Gates are the hardest-working part of your fence. They’re opened and closed constantly, swinging back and forth, and may occasionally have a little person hitching a ride on them for fun. (While it is “fun” to swing on a gate, we don’t recommend it. ?)

We at Florida Fence are proud of the fact that we make custom aluminum frames for our wooden gates. Custom-welded in our shop for each order and gate, these gate frames are available in three colors to blend with your fence and your décor: black, tan and natural.

Why We Use Aluminum Frames for our Wooden Gates

While other companies may use wooden frames for their wooden gates, we use aluminum for several reasons:

  1. The aluminum frame won’t warp. That means the structure and integrity of the frame will keep your wood gate from warping.
  2. The constant opening and closing can WILL cause stress on your gate, and the lightweight nature of the aluminum frame can handle the stress better than a wood frame. Again, the gate takes the most abuse of any other part of the fence, so it is critical that it can withstand the constant use.
  3. It is easy to assemble. We custom make our gate frames so they are ready to go once we are onsite.
  4. Overall, there is less maintenance required for aluminum than wood, so the frame will withstand the test of time and the elements.
  5. Our gates are coated to avoid corrosion, and aluminum doesn’t rust the way steel or iron does. PARTICULARLY IN OUR SALT AIR
  6. Each frame is custom measured and made for each gate – no “off-the-rack” pre-fab here!  MENTION “BOX STORE”

So, maybe now you can understand a little bit better why we’re proud of our custom gates, and we hope you’ll LOVE them, too! Why not contact us today to get started on your brand new fence or use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling! We would love to serve you and your family and make your fence dreams come true!