Ah, Florida – no shoveling snow in the winter, no sub-zero temperatures – it’s sunny year round! Sure, we have our share of rain, but hey – it’s worth it to think that we can, pretty much, spend our time outdoors most of the year, right? Of course, we are all aware of the benefits of the sun but we also know that if we spend a lot of time outdoors we have to protect ourselves from getting sunburned. After all, there are harmful rays too, right? We wouldn’t think of sending our kids to the beach without a good lathering up of sunscreen. ?

Well, imagine that you or your kids are outdoors 24/7 – what would you do then? Your beautiful vinyl fence can suffer from the harmful rays of the sun too, so you have to be sure it uses sunscreen to prevent sagging, cracking, and discoloration from exposure to the rays and heat of our largest star.

Florida Fence is proud to offer our customers wonderful options when it comes to beautiful, quality vinyl fencing that can withstand the elements, including our brutal Florida sun.

Our vinyl fencing by Bufftech not only contains UV inhibitors and WindZone protection, but is also available in different colors to suit any design project! And Bufftech is part of the CertainTeed family of building products – an industry leader for over 100 years!

Here are just a few benefits of USA-made Bufftech vinyl fencing:

  1. Their fences contain a higher than typical percentage of titanium dioxide, an additive that protects vinyl from potentially harmful UV rays.
  2. Their fences can withstand the high winds and hurricane conditions (per MiamiDade County NOA standards) through their WindZone Performance construction standards.
  3. ColorLast Fade Protection guarantees the performance of the Bufftech darker colors through advanced, state-of-the-art acrylic formation that provides superior protection against fading due to the sun’s rays. This is a true bonus as these darker colored vinyl fences are a “little” pricier, but the color will last and they look GREAT! ?

We are also proud to carry a full line of WeatherWise vinyl fencing. Manufactured in multiple facilities (The plant we use is in Plant City, FL, very close to Tampa!), WeatherWise is part of the MidAtlantic Vinyl Products Company, which has operated since 1996 and which prides itself on its product line and product warranty!

And WeatherWise lives up to its name, too. It also contains titanium dioxide, an ultraviolet inhibitor that prevents yellowing and sun damage!

So don’t worry about running around your fence line with spray bottles filled with sunscreen!!! We have done the work for you by providing you with the opportunity to have us install the best product on the market that already has built-in sun, wind and fade protection so you can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful Florida sun. Why not contact us today to get started or use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling!

Oh, by the way…don’t forget to apply your own sunscreen! We can’t guarantee you won’t fade or melt! ?