Over the years we’ve heard the same questions over and over so we figured we’d help answer some of the more frequently asked questions here. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please let us know and we will update it here after we help you. Thanks!

Does fencing increase my property value?
Adding a fence to your property creates numerous benefits. Any improvement of appearance, security, privacy, and safety of your property can increase the overall value. This is a very useful upgrade especially when considering putting your home on the market
Does fencing decrease my insurance costs?
 It depends completely on your carrier, so make sure you ask them!  In the case of pools, fence is an option to meet the legal requirement of Florida Administrative Code 64E – 9.006(h).  See Link for Code (http://www.floridahealth.gov/environmental-health/swimming-pools/_documents/64E-9_FAC_Draft_Rev7_no_strike.pdf).  Some carriers may also consider a reduction in rates due to the increased security of your property.  Be sure that you know their requirements and pass them on to your Florida Fence Project Consultant!  They will happily assist in designing your project to meet your needs.
Do you match competitors' pricing?
 We try our best!  The critical step of price matching is to be sure that we are comparing apples to apples  This is simple and fair:  cover the company name of the competing quote, then provide it via fax, email, or hardcopy to your Project Consultant.  There are so many variations in product quality out there, but we are able to determine the competing material, quantity and quality through some quick homework.  If quotes match in these aspects, then your Project Consultant will take the information to the Company Production and Owners to see what we can do to adjust.  Not all companies operate on equal levels, and we work to provide you with the best quality and service possible, which takes personnel at the helm and on the deck of the ship.  We do business in a manner that allows us to address your needs throughout the years – combining the best pricing possible and the practices for business longevity and warranty accountability.  
Does Florida Fence do just one or all kinds of fencing?
All kinds.  Let us know what your needs are in terms of appearance, function, and budget and we will show you what materials and designs best meet your needs.  We have yet to find demands that we are beyond our abilities! 
Does Florida Fence do any accent work?
Yes, we can add continuity and pizzazz to your project through custom themes that can be continued into your railings, arbor, pergola, and other exterior embellishments.  This also includes lighting – there are some amazing and affordable products available! 
How long will it take to get my fence after I let my Consultant know I am ready to do my project?
  • The time between your signature/payment of deposit and project installation is called “Lead Time”.  This fluctuates throughout the year due to demand.  We are very picky and only hire experienced and proven installers and this is a limited pool of talent that can cause Lead Time to be longer during the busier seasons.

The following are important considerations regarding Lead Time:

  • Do you need a permit?  Places such as Manatee County, City of Sarasota, City of Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, and others require a permit for fencing.  Your project will be scheduled after permit approval.
  • Do you need custom ordered material?  We are happy to make a project exactly what you need!  This can require custom ordered material for fabrication in our shop.  Delivery of this material can impact your Lead Time, but it is well worth the wait for the quality!  Fast Food is not the mentality that you want when your investment is meant to last for decades!
  • Do you need a permit and custom ordered material?  If both factors apply, we follow a standard practice of ordering the material AFTER the permit has been approved.  This is for the protection of your hard-earned dollars.  We understand your investment is precious, and we will not purchase the custom (non-refundable) material until we know that the regulating authority will accept it.  When a time crunch exists, we will order prior to permit approval but only at your request!


Are any colors available for Vinyl Fence beyond the white and tan that I see around town?
Yes!  There is a broad array of color choices available in our premium product lines.  These are wood or stone textured vinyl or polyethylene.  They both come in an assortment of colors, with tested and true longevity!
Does the slope of my yard impact my fence options?
Absolutely. There are certain styles of fence that follow steep grades much better than others. Our Project Consultants can help you find a combination of the look you like plus the function to fit your yard.
Does someone really need to meet me onsite?
Yes.  Our Project Consultants have experience and knowledge that allows them to tailor your project for you specific site.  They can pinpoint elements that are critical to a successful project.  Site visits allow them to provide you with the full customer service that you deserve.
What is the advantage of paying for Vinyl as opposed to Wood?

Longevity – the lifespan of quality Vinyl has yet to be reached.  Ask anyone at your local public works facility, and they will tell you that true PVC does not biodegrade fast enough to witness within our lifetime.  Our vinyl is made from recycled fence and window vinyl, keeping that vinyl out of mother earth and put to good use protecting your home or business.  The window material has a higher concentration of Ti02, the UV protectant.  This means that your fence is equipped with Ti02 levels exceeding code requirements.  We find that it is worth paying for the quality and longevity when you only have to invest in a fence once in your lifetime.


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Florida Fence is a fabulous company to do business with. Everyone associated with the company is top notch. I hired them to install 75ft. of PVC fence on the back of my property line for added privacy and security. They discuss everything in detail beforehand and treat their customers with respect. I think their prices are very reasonable, as well. I couldn’t be happier with them!

Bob F.