Today’s Employee Spotlight is on Armando Martinez, Assistant General Manager, at Florida Fence. Armando is the top dog for organizing all things installation related in our residential division. He is the go-to human for questions regarding the scheduling and permitting of projects. (I, myself, am the go-to pup for cuteness overload.) He also oversees all of our installation crews and manages both inventory and warehouse/shop production. He has “Pupperoni’s” on his desk, so I like to visit him from time to time to snag those. A simple fervent gaze from my big brown eyes and he is toast… and the Pupperonis start flowing.

So I ask you…who’s really top dog here?

Armando, please tell us a little about your obedience school…er…professional background, training, experience, etc.

I have three bachelor’s degrees- one in mechanical engineering, one in finance, and one in accounting. Professionally, I have been Executive Director of the San Juan Steam power plant, Assistant General Manager for a fencing company other than Florida Fence, an installer, owned my own handyman business and also worked in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical formulations industry, and with durable medical equipment, I am not afraid of hard work, and feel like if I put my mind to it, I can truly do anything.

Tell us a little bit about your pack, or what you humans call your family…

I have six children- two biological children of my own, a beautiful son and daughter. My fiance has four children, as well, whom I am happy to have as part of my life.

Ummm – you didn’t mention any dogs, but ok, moving on ?… what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love anything that is mechanically driven- and rebuilding engines. I also enjoy woodwork and can make furniture, cabinets, do plumbing, masonry, and construction work. I enjoy all of that. I also love sports, of course, and music. I love to dance.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us, or that we couldn’t tell by sniffing you.

I am somewhat of a renaissance man- I can cook, clean, color or highlight someone’s hair, give mani-pedis, anything. My dad used to joke I would be a “good wife” to someone someday.
You might not also know that I was in a wheelchair for nine years, paralyzed from the hips down. That experience really helped me develop determination, which I used in order to walk again when doctors said I never would, and compassion for others.

What three words would the rest of your litter use to describe you?

Integrity, dependable, happy.

If you could have dinner with any historical figure, alive or passed, who would it be and why? (I am rooting for Lassie, or maybe Rin Tin Tin…)

John F. Kennedy, because there is a great family story about my grandfather’s interaction with him. My grandfather used to be the President of the US Postmaster’s Union, and actually helped create what is now known as C.O.L.A.(Cost of Living Allowance) at the federal level. He also competed in a typing contest against JFK’s executive secretary, and won! I would like to hear the story from JFK himself.

What are your favorite and least favorite kibbles?

I don’t discriminate- I love food of all kinds. Never found a food that I didn’t like. Perhaps lasagna is my very favorite dish.

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

Never give up. Fully rely on God. I also learned this when I was paralyzed.

Finally, Picket asked Armando when he was the happiest, and Armando answered,

I am happy all the time- just waking up is enough because it gives me a chance to do things better. But nothing compares to the births of my children. Those were pivotal moments in my life.

Picket and the rest of us at Florida Fence are proud to have Armando as part of our team, and we are sure once you get to know him you will agree! There are lots of amazing people on our team, So why not contact us today to get started on your brand new fence or use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your property to get the ball rolling!