Hmm, a custom-made fence versus a big box store fence, which is the wiser choice? ? While the answer may seem obvious, you’d be surprised by how many people think a “fence-in-a-box” is the way to go! Fence buyers are often fooled into thinking purchasing a fence from a big box store will be less expensive and easier to install, but this is simply not the case!

We would like to share with you why it’s to your advantage, both economically and aesthetically, to choose a custom-made wood fence from Florida Fence over a fence purchased from a big box store or online DIY source.  In the industry, the difference is buying an onsite stick-built product versus a panel product. (An analogy in the construction trade would be having your home built from scratch on your property instead of bringing in a manufactured home and having it plopped down on a foundation.)

Why A Custom-Made Fence is the Way to Go!

The benefits of having your fence built onsite are:

  1. The installation crew can space all of the posts evenly for best position, strength and look.
  2. Irregularities in the elevation/property can be addressed for the best structural strength and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Lumber is nailed in the correct position for the best fastening power. Also, sometimes you actually see staples used in prefab fence panels – We use ring shank nails in our wood fences for extra secure holding power!
  4. Your fence is contoured properly for your property.
  5. There is no “wrapping” the last section of the fence – all sections are evenly placed.
  6. There is no “racking” of fence panels. Racking occurs when in order to align a squared off fence panel to the slope in the ground it is pushed or “racked” into the ground, which brings the panel out of square. While it may look as if the pickets look vertical despite the slope in the ground, when you rack a panel, you bend the nails, putting stress on them and weakening the panel. There is also a resultant gap under the low spots in the yard –
  7. Pre-built panels are constructed in a factory, utilizing a jig for assembly. A “bad” or knotted picket may not be caught and eliminated, so the pickets may lose cosmetically.
  8. It’s less expensive ultimately! You will end up paying less per linear foot with a custom fence as you will have less waste and not be stuck with left-over panels!

Just so you know, there are times when we can’t build and install onsite. Perhaps your neighbor won’t let us on their property, for example. Sometimes you’re just not able to garner your neighbor’s cooperation even when you explain how beautiful the new fence will be for both of you! (We’ll be talking about how to work with your neighbors in an upcoming blog post–stay tuned! ?)When that happens, we still come out and measure your property, its contours, bumps and irregularities and build a custom fence for you in our shop.

Why not contact us today to get started on your brand new fence or use our online tool to design your fence on a map of your actual property to get the ball rolling! We would love to serve you and your family and make your fence dreams come true!