One of the questions we’re often asked is whether or not to use concrete around wooden fence posts. While both methods are considered acceptable construction standards, our recommendation, and standard practice, is to use concrete.

Typically, installing a wooden fence without concrete is considered sufficient enough, however, because the water table in Florida is so high and the dirt is so sandy, we recommend concrete around the posts.

Here’s why:

  1. Water. Anyone could tell you an abundance of water can ruin the wood. Not only does Florida have an abundance of humidity in the air, but it also resides in the ground. The water table in Florida is well above average. Surrounding your wooden posts in concrete helps protect from water damage.
  2. Weather. We live with a season of strong storms and a constant risk of hurricanes and tropical storms. Securing your posts in the ground with concrete is one level of protection from water damage and erosion. When it comes to storms, we need all the protection we can get.
  3. Land. The land in the northern states is much harder and dryer than land in Florida. As long as you pack the dirt around the wooden post up north, it’s sufficient enough. However, the dirt in Florida is mostly sand and very loose, which makes it very difficult to pack. Adding concrete substantially helps stabilize the posts and fence.
  4. Shifting. After installing a fence, especially in a new construction property, the ground will shift. Concrete helps keep the fence in place.

The process of using concrete is relatively easy but may surprise you. The water level of the ground is so high in Florida, we dry pack the concrete around the wooden posts. Meaning, when we pour the concrete around the posts, it’s a dry mixture. The mixture then draws all the moisture it needs from the ground. If we were to add water to the concrete before pouring it in the ground, the concrete tensile strength (3,200 #) would be diluted and not hold as well.

Our standard and recommendation to make sure your fence will be secure, strong and stable is to add concrete, however, we respect your decision regardless. In addition to wood, we also add concrete to any style fence (i.e. composite, chain link, PVC, or aluminum).

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