We offer a commonsense, flexible approach backed by hands-on construction experience.
We’ve built secure, quality fences for public and private schools, interstates and other roads, and industrial warehouses. Whether working with a general contractor, property manager, government representative, or a homeowner’s association, we understand the process, know the industry, and deliver with consistent efficiency.


We’re skilled, fast, and flexible. As a family-owned business, our decision process is streamlined, our methods are efficient, and our workforce is skilled (installers are OSHA trained and certified). We’ll help you meet your deadlines and secure your property with the best quality custom fence you can find. And we’ll adapt to your needs. After so many years in the industry, we understand the building process and how circumstances can change quickly.

We’re local, and we value workmanship. We manufacture our fences right here at our facility, using commercial-grade materials, heavy-duty hardware, and excellent craftsmanship.

We meet Federal and State requirements as a WBE – Woman Business Enterprise. Working with Florida Fence can help your company comply with federal, state, and local constraints and incentives for using diverse contractors.

  • General Contractors – Owners Kevin and Theresa Dermody have spent their careers in the construction industry. As a general contractor and developer, Kevin understands the pressure you’re under to meet schedule and cost demands and takes a hands-on role in ensuring your project gets the attention it deserves. We’ve developed condominium and commercial projects on multiple continents with an excellent track record of delivering on time, below budget, and with excellent communication throughout the process.
  • Government Agencies – For over 50 years Florida Fence has met the needs of city and county governments, public agencies and school boards in Manatee, Sarasota, and Desoto Counties. We are problem-solvers, flexible and adaptive for the unique requirements of government projects.
  • Statewide Service – We’re able to handle projects anywhere in the state of Florida.


This is a top-notch company who did a great job and went the extra mile when it was needed.

S. Folsom

Brighter Touch Landscape

I can’t say enough about the integrity of the family and their company. They are honest, hard-working, fair, generous and just all around good people. Thank you, Florida Fence!

Christine W.

Sarasota Homeowner


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