OK –  you know why you want or need a fence.

You have talked to your neighbors and they know that your desire to put up a fence has nothing to do with their kids playing in your yard or that you wanted to block the view of their hot tub activity at midnight. ?

Pro Tip: And by the way, another good reason to talk to the folks next door is that if you are planning a perimeter fence, the installers will need access to your neighbor’s property to build your custom fence.  If for any reason your neighbor doesn’t allow this access, we would have to cancel the install and build panels back at our shop, causing installation delays and extra trip charges. If you have any questions or concerns about this, talk to your consultant early in the planning process so we can address the issue right away. ✔

And you have checked with the homeowners’ association and you know what forms you need for them that will keep them happy. Now what?

Once you have resolved any regulatory issues, what fence you choose should be based on three things: purpose, ease of care, and cost.

Which Fence is Best for You

1. Wood: Ideal for most privacy purposes and often for pet containment, wood fencing is the most economical, but it requires maintenance over the years. We here at Florida Fence would be thrilled to help you with the maintenance that will extend the life of your fence for many years!

Wonderful for a traditional architectural look, wood fences come in many different varieties and styles that can be matched to your individual taste, and wood can be stained for even more variation of choice.

2. PVC/Vinyl: Also great for privacy, PVC/Vinyl fencing is extremely popular in many homeowners’ associations because of its clean lines and look. We custom build our one-of-a-kind PVC/Vinyl fences using our specialized CNC computerized routing equipment and professional grade PVC.

While it is more costly than wood fencing initially, it is much easier to maintain, so the long term cost may balance out for you in the end.

3. Aluminum: Most metal/ornamental fences, such as aluminum, are wonderful choices for ornamental use—they look fantastic! They can be simple to very ornate and decorative, so might be a great choice for a front garden or for fencing in a more historic neighborhood.

This might be the choice to fence in your garden and maintain your views. It is important to remember that metal fences tend to be on the high side price-wise and, depending on the metal but require little long-term care. They also do not afford the level of privacy a wood or PVC/vinyl fence does.

4. Other Metal: Other fence choices include chain link or steel fencing. Suitable for both residential and commercial use in multiple grades of strength, chain link can be either galvanized metal or vinyl coated to blend in with the surrounding landscape and might be a good choice, for example, along wood lines since they can blend in easily. Steel fencing might be a good choice for high-security fencing, such as around a pool, and can be decorative as well as very sturdy.

The professional team at Florida Fence can work with you to discuss the pros and cons of each variety of fence in terms of purpose, ease of care, and cost. In fact, we have a nifty feature on website’s home page (under Skip the Guesswork!) that even lets you design your fence and compare costs instantly! How cool is that? 

Let us help you decide on the best choice for you – whether it really is to keep your neighbors’ kids out of your yard (shhhh, we won’t tell!) or to keep their midnight hot tub adventures out of sight…or just to keep your precious fur babies safe!

Contact us today—we would be delighted to work with YOU!