It is time to plan your new fence – how do you start the process and how do you choose what is right for you? Since we’ve been doing this a while, we have a few thoughts for you…

First, may we suggest you talk to your neighbors? You may be thinking, “Talk to my neighbors? What do they have to do with MY fence?” Well, keep reading!

Good Neighbors Make Good Fences. No, we didn’t get that wrong – we KNOW that the old saying is the opposite, but today, when you decide for whatever reason you want to put up a fence, being a good neighbor and talking to the folks next door will make life better for everyone.

Let’s say you want to erect a fence to keep your dogs safe. If you talk to your neighbors and explain that you are planning to fence in your yard, but you tell them it is to keep your dogs in rather than keep the neighbors out, it sure will make for a friendlier relationship! Regardless of the reason for your fencing, talking to your neighbors will make them feel that you aren’t trying to alienate them.

Check In With Your Homeowner’s Association. Next, if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association, be sure to check the rules. The kind of fencing you choose may be dictated by the by-laws or construction standards of your HOA. You should also check for any local government ordinances or permit requirements. As part of its process, Florida Fence works with permitting and government regulations on your behalf and will provide any information needed for your HOA.

Purpose And Type of Fence. Now that the neighbors and rules are taken care of, it is time to decide on what kind of fencing you will want. Of course, the purpose of the fence is critical. Do you want a fence for privacy alone? Is the fence for the front yard or side property lines? You wouldn’t want to detract from the curb appeal of your home with an unattractive fence in the front! Just imagine if you decided to sell your home one day and someone drove up and saw a fortress! A nice picket fence would be much more appealing, right?

OK – neighbors, rules, purpose – check. ✔

Other choices to consider would include the fence material and height. Those will depend on the purpose but also on ease of care.

A wood fence is the most economical, but requires maintenance to extend the life of the fence, something Florida Fence can do for you. PVC fencing is minimal maintenance and is more expensive, and aluminum is more ornamental but also more costly. Stay tuned next week as we dive more deeply into types of fences and cost.