The security of your property is an important priority. Regardless of whether you need to restrict access for vehicles or pedestrian traffic (or both), we’ve got you covered with the access control systems you need. Choose from a slide or swing gate access system or commercial telephone entry systems. We offer a variety of security systems to fit your needs.

About Our Access Control Gates

We build solutions to meet the requirements for your property. Your access control needs may vary depending on the traffic you expect at your gate. Whatever those needs, we can develop a solution that provides the security and ease of access you desire.

  • Florida Fence can design and build any type of custom gate system for a private residence or a multi-family subdivision. There is a variety of custom build high-quality security gates that are durable and will last you a long time.
  • We’ll design and build entrance and exit gate systems for all types of commercial and industrial properties.
  • Our team can build access control systems that meet all levels of desired security.
  • You determine the level of access control you need, and we’ll build you a solution.


I highly recommend them. My brother used Florida Fence last year and was very pleased. So I called them to replace the old fence that was falling apart on my property. I thought their price was reasonable and everything went smoothly during the entire process.

Chin L.

Sarasota Homeowner

You just can’t beat them in this area. [They] came out and showed us a drawing of the shadowbox fence (with treated wood) we wanted for privacy. We were thrilled with the way everything turned out. It has truly enhanced the appearance of our house. We used Florida Fence 20 years ago and they are still the best!

Elaine O.

Sarasota Homeowner