Garden fences can be different things to different people. For some, they provide privacy. For others, fencing enhances the garden’s appearance or provides a spot to relax. Regardless of a homeowner’s reasons for installing garden fencing, these garden fence ideas are guaranteed to offer some inspiration.

Planter Boxes


Installing a box in front of the garden fence can add privacy without making the homeowner feel “fenced in.” Straight fencing can make the yard feel smaller but, if planter boxes are added, it makes the garden seem bigger. Planter boxes are an ideal addition to a garden fence if the owner lives on a busy street and wants to minimize the appearance and noise of traffic.

Picket Fencing

garden fence

When most people think of picket fences, they think of cozy homes in quiet suburbs. Today’s picket fences are available in a variety of styles, from straight to elegantly arched. Whether it’s fancy or plain, picket vinyl fence is a stylish addition to a home garden.

Wrought Iron Fencing


A wrought iron fence is a timeless classic that can add beauty to any garden. These fences are some of best low-maintenance options and can last for decades. Whether a homeowner chooses a modern or classic design, wrought iron fencing can add a touch of class to the home and its exterior.

Bamboo Fence


Because of its natural, light appearance, bamboo is a perfect fencing material. It is surprisingly resistant to infestation and rot, and pieces can be placed closely together for privacy or farther apart for openness. Bamboo fencing can be combined with brick, stone, timber, or masonry to create a stunning effect.

Natural Timber


Some of the world’s oldest fences are made of timber, and certain woods are ideal for fencing. These timbers are strong and highly resistant to infestation or rot, making them perfect choices for garden fencing. Whether the homeowner wants an original or classic design, a wood fence can provide it.

Vertical Gardens


Some of today’s most innovative designers have created vertical green fencing systems. These often include drip irrigation, making it easy to create a lush, sustainable gardening center. Whether the garden fencing ideas are applied to part of the home or to the entire garden, it is sure to be a showstopper.

Modular Walls


These are an alternative to traditional brick walls. Because they are fabricated from lightweight but tough materials, modular walls are cheaper to install, but they offer a similar look. Modular garden fencing is available in multiple styles, and garden fence ideas can be combined to create a unique design.

A garden can add beauty to a home’s exterior and help a homeowner counteract the rising cost of fresh produce. However, fencing choice can make a substantial difference in the way a garden looks. With the choices above, any garden can be made more beautiful.